Lecture Capture Resources

These are the resources for the lecture capture presentation. College of the Redwoods can help you with video taping lectures and consult with you on how to use cameras and recording equipment in your classroom. We are also have close captioning of video available through a grant through-out the California community college system.


How are instructors using lecture capture and why?


  • Youtube - Instructors can create their own channels. These videos are now being close-captioned.
  • Jing - Here is an article about Jing in education with a download link.
  • iTunes U - Most students tend to watch educational content from iTunes U on their computer.
  • Edustream - This is an educators version of YouTube; gives educators more control over content.

Software & Local Server

  • Articulate - Builds interactive content from Powerpoint. Preserves animations. $$$
  • Lecshare - Builds interactive content and ensures ADA compliance. $


  • Google Docs - Users can upload Powerpoint files and embed them in webpages (such as the Lessons tool in Sakai)
  • Slideboom - Allows voice over Powerpoint. Free accounts.
  • Authorstream - Allows voice over Powerpoint. Free accounts.
  • Vcasmo

Enterprise-Wide Solutions

  • Elluminate - Webinar/synchronous meeting software. CCC Confer has a state-wide license for Elluminate.
  • Echo360 - This is an appliance based solution. A blade server in every classroom. $$$
  • Tegrity - This is a "cloud"-based solution. They have a showcase of example recorded lectures. $$
  • Matterhorn Project - This is an open source solution. It takes expertise, a $1500 computer per classroom, and storage to implement. $

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