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Previous LMS Review Efforts at College of the Redwoods

In 2008, the DE ad hoc committee under Jason Leppaluoto, asked Steve Stratton to head up an LMS review. Steve Stratton will provide us a copy of the rubric they used. These notes are from Mark Winter:

To determine which learning management system the college should use for future online course offerings and technology-enhanced courses.

Objective 4.2 of Andy Howard’s proposed strategic plan for CR DE: “Adopt a course management system (CMS) that meets the current and future needs of CR as the program grows.”
Team activities complete first part of task 4.2.1 of Andy Howard’s proposed strategic plan for CR DE: “Develop a rubric for evaluation of CMS. . . .”

Steve Stratton and Gary Sokolow developed an LMS evaluation rubric. Steve Stratton later acquired evaluation documents from Humboldt State University. With these items, an evaluation was ready to go forward with a target decision date of May 2009. LMS transition, if any, was slated to take place during summer and fall 2009. Trial versions of competing products were to be made available to faculty during spring 2009. Upper administration has pushed up the decision date. The decision will presumably be based on the Humboldt State evaluation and discussions with Humboldt State.

The LMS evaluation was delayed as other, more pressing, projects took precedence. It was anticipated that an LMS evaluation and discussion would begin in February 2009 to meet the May target decision date. Several faculty members expressed concern over leaving Blackboard, so the team felt it important to include faculty as much as possible during the evaluation process. Moving the decision target date up saves much time and deliberation, but jeopardizes faculty buy-in.

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